Bollinger, Wells, Lett & Co., Inc. is an investment banking firm specializing in the representation of entrepreneurs and the owners of fine middle market companies as sellers in merger, acquisition, and recapitalization transactions.   

Since 1979 the firm’s primary purpose has been to provide its clients with the finest, most dedicated professional counsel and execution available.  Founded in New York City and headquartered in Miami, the firm has represented clients across the country and worked with buyers and investors from around the world.    

Over the last thirty-seven years, members of Bollinger/Wells’ team have arranged over one hundred transactions for its clients in both manufacturing and service businesses in a broad spectrum of industries.  

Most of Bollinger/Wells’ clients, as entrepreneurs, started their business in the garage or basement and eventually completed transactions ranging from $5 million to $300 million of enterprise value.

Transactions have included recapitalizations, leveraged buy-outs and management buy-outs by private equity funds as well as strategic mergers and acquisitions.

Buyers and sellers have included both domestic and foreign-based companies.

Many of the transactions have involved well-recognized companies including: Asset Recovery Companies (New York), Automated Securities Clearance (New Jersey), ATS Money Systems (New Jersey), Bagel Crisps (New Jersey), BEL USA LLC dba (Florida), Carmel Car & Limousine Service (New York), Constantine Carpet (Georgia), DAX Manufacturing (New York), Everett-Charles (California), EYELAB (New Jersey), Fashion Bar (Colorado), Golden Needles (North Carolina), Hillside Coffee (California), J. W. Stannard Company (Florida), Mayor’s Jewelers (Florida), Paper House Productions (New York), Pioneer Eclipse (North Carolina), Precision Alternator (Washington, D.C.), Prime Automotive Warehouse (Tennessee), R & H Supply (Louisiana), Robert Simmons (New York City), Sunglass Hut of America (Florida), Taylor Publishing (Texas), Tri-Seal International (New York), and Western School (Florida). 

For more information, please contact us at (212) 697-7174 or (305) 240-6360.